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Biolan Composter 220

Units are shipped on a pallet by trucking company

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Biolan Composters :: Efficient, Year-Round Composting

Basic Composting Needs

Oxygen: The micro-organisms that decompose the compost need oxygen to respire. To ensure the supply of oxygen, the compost must remain airy. To ensure the lightness of the compost, use coarser substance, so called dry bedding, among the compact waste and toss the compost as required. Your compost may also run out of oxygen if it gets too wet. The denser the compost is, the more easily it soaks and becomes an anaerobic heap of waste.

Moisture: There is a good rule of thumb for testing the wetness of the compost - if you clench some compost in your hand, a few drops of water should be extracted from it. If water runs freely between your fingers, the compost is too wet.

Nutrients and Energy: The micro-organisms in the compost use energy from the organic waste for maintenance of their vital functions. The micro-organisms need carbon compounds to generate energy and nitrogen to build up their cells. They also use other nutrients, but the ratio between carbon and nitrogen is vital for successful composting.

Heat: In a large compost heap, the outermost layer of the heap acts as insulation and the inner part composts. To ensure that sufficient heat is generated, an non-insulated compost must be at least one cubic metre in size. Smaller composts require an insulating jacket on the outside. According to the rule of thumb, the smaller the compost, the thicker the insulation should be.


Biolan Composter 220

  • Suitable for the organic waste of one family (2-6 people) or for composting the waste from a small garden
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • The shape of the cover returns the condensed moisture to the compost mass

Biolan Composters are efficient, thermally insulated composters for year-round composting of domestic organic waste.

  • Patented ventilation system supplies air directly to the middle of the compost mass, enhancing composting and diminishing the need to toss the compost.
  • The adjustable air vent and the compost thermometer facilitate monitoring and attending to the compost, especially in winter.
  • Use the bottom door of the Composter to remove mature compost and leave fresher mass to compost further.

All household bio waste, such as:

  • fruit and vegetable peels
  • leftovers of meat or fish and other food waste
  • coffee or tea grounds with filter bags
  • boiling and rinsing water
  • soft and wet papers
  • crushed eggshells
  • pet excrements
  • natural fibres in small pieces


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Biolan 220 Composter Info

Technical Specs

Biolan Composter 220

  • Volume: approx. 220 litres
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Bottom Area: 61 x 61 cm
  • Cover (w x l): 75 x 79 cm
  • Working Height: 105 cm
  • Material: frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene
  • Insulation material: freon-free polyurethane
  • Ventilation: adjustable, patented
  • Other items: thermometer


Coming Soon...

If the compost stinks

Compost does not heat up and has a rotten stink

  • Compost is too wet and/or dense
  • Mix the compost properly and add coarse bedding to it
  • The smell disappears in a few days and the compost starts working normally 

Compost is hot and stinks of ammonia

  • Increase the use of sour bedding (e.g. peat or bark)  
  • As a first aid, spread a layer a couple of centimeters thick of this bedding on the surface of the compost  
  • Do not toss the compost too often

The compost neither warms up nor stinks

Humidity is suitable

  • Compost has decayed to a point, where the hot phase is already over  
  • Empty the compost and start the filling over

Nitrogen content too low

  • Add, for example, granules of poultry manure or compoststarter in the compost

Too dry

  • Sprinkle with warm water

There are flies in the compost

  • If the compost stinks, mix it and add plenty of bedding to it  
  • Turn the surface layer, where the flies have laid their eggs, over deeper in the compost
  • Rinse the inner walls of the composter and the cover with hot water 
  • If you must do away with the flies by spraying, use pyrethrin-based insecticide, which decomposes in the compost

There are ants in the compost

  • Compost is probably too dry
  • Water and mix the compost

There is mould or fungi in the compost

  • Growth of mould or fungi in the compost is not a cause for concern - both of them belong to the decomposers of the compost


  • 5 years, covers defects in material and workmanship



  • Please contact us for quotes on shipping rates. Biolan composters are shipped on a pallet by trucking company.

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