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Holiday Gift Guide


Below are some excellent ideas for Holiday Gifts.

Whether gardening, hauling, or recycling, the Smart Cart 7' and 12' will give a gift that can be used everday. The Sno Wovel is a wonderful gift for those who get frequent snow. The Vertex Deluxe Garden Cart will keep tools organized and the garage neat. The Garden Cart also can be rolled to the place of work!

The Brill Razorcut 38 and NaturCut Classic are two fine push reel mowers which come with free shiping. These mowers come with adjustment gauge and won't need to be sharpened for many years. The 26" Push Lawn Sweeper does a fantastic job of picking up your lawn. Cell power tools offer trimmers, leaf blower, and a combination trimmer, hedge trimmer, edge. For those who have a lawn in need of repair, The Grass Stitcher is the way to repair your lawn.

The NatureMill composter allows you to compost inside or on a porch. The Sun-Mar 200 Composter is a great gift for the gardener of your choice. The Spruce Creek Rainsaver is a rainbarrel made to catch rain and give years of service to your environmentalist.

Hills Clotheslines save you money, make your clothes last longer, lessen your carbon footprint, and give you the joy of wearing naturally dried clothes. Handmade Mexican placemats are long lasting with aroma therapy. The Super Chuck Log Carrier is terrific for those who like sitting by the fire or using wood for heat. It fits through doorways so the logs can be brought right to the fireplace. The Hook and Go shopping cart makes city shopping an easy and fun activity.


Holiday Gift Guide

SmartCart 7 wheelbarrow   SmartCart 12 wheelbarrow    

Smart Cart 7


Smart Cart 12


Sno Wovel


Brill Razorcut 38

+ $56 shipping


+ $109 shipping


+ $17 shipping


+ free shipping

Take the gardening and yard workload off your back and put it in the Smart Cart 7 heavy-duty garden utility cart


The Smart Cart 12 is the best, professional-grade wheelbarrow we've ever seen. It is made so well the pans have a five year warranty.


The Sno Wovel is a revolutionary snow removal tool. Easy on your back, removes snow in 1/3 of the time normal shoveling takes.


Europe's number one selling push reel mower is the lightest reel mower made. German engineering makes this an excellent choice.

Capacity :: 7 cubic feet


Capacity :: 12 cubic feet


Weight: 19 lbs


Weight: 17 lbs.

Wheels :: Interchangable, 20" spoked or 16" turf tires


Wheels :: Interchangable, 20" spoked or 16" turf tires


Clears snow 3X faster!


Cuts from .7" to 1.8"

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NaturCut Classic


Push Lawn Sweeper


Cell Power Tools


Grass Stitcher


+ free shipping


+ $25 shipping


$129 - $149
+ $15 shipping


+ $15 shipping

The NaturCut Classic is the quality of the Brill but cuts much higher. Made with ladder style handles. 10 " wheels power the Classic.


The Push Lawn Sweeper picks up leaves 10X faster than you can rake! And it is easy on the back.


There are 4 Cell Power Tools. A grass trimmer, a hedge trimmer, a leaf blower, and a 2-1 grass and hedge trimmer. Excellent quality.


The Grass Stitcher makes repairing your lawn easy with great results. Also an excellent way to put a flower bed in a lawn. Just stitch, seed, and sprinkle!

Weight: 25 lbs.


Capacity :: large 6.8 cubic foot hamper


Charging time: Less than 1 hour


Full Life Time Warranty

Cutting height: 1.5" to 3.5"


Wheels ::10" wheels power the sweeper


Running time: About 30 minutes


The unique action of the Grass Stitcher's wheels creates the perfect seed-germination environment.

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Hills Clothelines


NatureMill XE Pro


Mexican Handmade Placemats


Sun-Mar 200 Composter

From $120.95 to $295
+ shipping


+ $30 shipping


+ $15 shipping


+ $65 shipping

Hills Clothelnes are a wonderful way to save power and keep your clothing fresher and cleaner than with mechanical washers and dryers.


Compost year round with this NatureMill indoor composter. Good for your garden, great for the environment


Wonderful pine needle placemats which will last a lifetime. Beautiful pine aroma accompanies each meal.


The Sun-Mar Continuous Composter is a great gift for the gardener-environmentalist. Turn your food waste into compost.

Clothing hung on a line lasts longer and smells fresher. And all that fuzz that collects in the dryer's lint basket is actually your clothing breaking down thread by thread.

  • Stainless steel components for continuous heavy loads
  • Ideal for large families, gourmet cooks, offices, or small restaurants



4 to a set


The new Sun-Mar garden composters added a patented double-drum to the design.

By line drying half of their washloads, an average family can save 720 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year. So take a break from the speed of life; slow down and try hanging clothes. Also, think of all the money you'll be saving on your utility bills without running your dryer.


Warranty: 3 Years


Handmade in Mexico


Wheels :: Are included

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Vertex Deluxe Garden Cart   Super Chuck Model 20 Log Carrier   Hook and Go folding grocery cart  

Vertex Deluxe
Garden Cart


Super Chuck 20
Log Hauler


Hook and Go
Folding Market Cart

  Spruce Creek Rainsaver

+ $20.53 shipping


+ $30 shipping


+ $14.75 shipping

  $215 +$40 shipping

The Vertex Deluxe Garden Cart stores, organizes, and mobilizes up to 18 tools.


The Super Chuck 20 was designed for easily transporting longer firewood through doors and over rough terrain.


A cult item at the Beverly Hills and San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market, the Hook and Go keeps your purchases organized and intact.

  This barrel was created to catch rainwater. Keep 54 gallons of fresh, quality water at hand for your garden at all times, refilled everytime it rains.

Capacity :: Stores up to 18 tools in only 2 sq. ft. (up to 150lbs)


Capacity :: Handles firewood from 12"-30" (up to 200lbs)


Capacity :: Sort bags and hang onto any of 8 hooks (up to 70lbs)


Capacity:: 54 gallons

Weigth - 20 lbs.

Wheels :: 10" wheels


Wheels :: 20" spoked wheels


Wheels :: Smooth-rolling rubber wheels

  5 year guarantee

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