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Basic RainReserve System

Basic RainReserve System

$39.95 + $10 shipping

Basic RainReserve System

Why Rain Water?

Gardeners use rain water instead of tap because rain water does not contain harmful chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.Rain water has nitrogen and CO2 which plants need in order to grow, without these a garden will die. For this reason gardeners consider rain water, rain barrels, and RainReserve Rain Diverter as very important garden supplies.

Benefits to You

Rainwater has many valuable applications for your home, neighborhood, business or farm. The water you collect by using RainReserve can also be used for industrial cooling needs, and as a back-up water supply.

Other advantages of RainReserve include:

  • Naturally distilled rainwater, and ambient water temperature ideal for plant life
  • Water bill cost savings
  • Water reserve for seasonal droughts and dry spells
  • Mosquito-proof design
  • Durable design withstands wide spectrum of seasonal temperatures
  • YOU can be a part of the solution by practicing water conservation

Benefits to the Environment

The potential ecological impact of RainReserve is essentially unlimited. The concept is simple – the more RainReserves we install in our homes and businesses, the more water we are able to conserve. Some of the most significant effects of water conservation for the environment include:
  • Lessening the strain on reservoirs and groundwater aquifers
  • Preventing diminishing water supplies for future generations
  • Reversing global climate change
  • Decreasing amount of storm water runoff and pollutants like fertilizers, oils, etc. to promote lake clarity and algal blooms
  • Utilizing water free of fluoride, chlorine and other additives found in tap water is healthier for plants and gardens



Diverts rain water from your downspout into any barrels or tanks.

The Rain Diverter connects to nearly any open/closed rain barrel or water tank. Nitrogen, Nitrates, and CO2. This Basic Rain Diverter does NOT include the parts necessary to connect rain barrels/water tanks, and does NOT include the specialized tool. The Complete RainReserve System includes the these parts.

RainReserve is your answer to:

  • water your lawn & garden
  • wash your car/boat/pets
  • save money on utilities
  • go green(er)!

This high-performance Rain Diverter and parts are the most eco-friendly on the market and includes the most features and capabilities. Installation is made simple and quick with a Hole Saw and easy to read Installation Manual. Whether your goal is to save money on utilities, save water, be kind to your lawn and garden, or to help the environment; RainReserve is the answer.


Complete Rain Reserve Info


  • Ability to withstand extreme rainfalls, freezes, and debris due to the open design.
  • Limitless capacity: The system can be used with any size barrel/tank. Use of Expansion Kits and Daisy Chain Kits can further increase the capacity. Major costs savings are achieved when using multiple water tanks/rainbarrels.
  • Shipping-ready packaging. (Reduces carbon footprint, waste and shipping costs.)
  • Partial proceeds from sales go to a non-profit sustainability-focused organization.


  • RainReserve Rain Diverter
  • Opaque tubing (blocks UV)
  • Winterization Caps
  • Downspout Screws
  • "Do Not Drink" Sticker
  • Installation Manual

*NO barrel components or tools; see Complete RainReserve System



A Fluid Solution to Conservation.

RainReserve™ is easy to install and maintain, and is adaptable to any 2"x3" or 3"x4" downspout. The RainReserve™ Diverter Kits work in tandem with a rain barrel, and we have several large tank options to meet your needs.

How It Works

RainReserve™ attaches to your downspout and diverts rainwater from your gutter system into the rain barrel while allowing leaves and other large debris to pass through the diverter and out the downspout. The result is naturally soft rainwater available and ready whenever you need it to water gardens and lawns, trees and houseplants, or for other non-potable uses.

Installation Overview

  1. Conduct a site evaluation to determine an ideal location for your RainReserve Diverter Kit and rain barrel.
  2. Drill holes into the rain barrel to accommodate inlet hose and high-flow spigot with hose connection.
  3. Insert the RainReserve Diverter into your existing downspout to direct water from your gutter, through the RainReserve and into the barrel.
  4. Connect the diverter to the barrel with the hose provided in the RainReserve Diverter Kit.

When the rain barrel is full, the water will be re-diverted through the RainReserve Diverter and directed back to your gutter, therefore keeping in tact your original water drainage system.

Seasonal Upkeep

You should disconnect your rain barrel before the first hard freeze. If you empty all water out of your barrel, you can keep it attached for a few additional weeks; just make sure you are completely emptying it every time it fills.

We recommend washing the barrel when disconnecting it for the season. Use an environmentally friendly solution of 2 tsp. of castile soap + 2 tsp. vinegar or lemon juice per gallon of water for cleaning, swishing the solution around inside the barrel then rinsing the inside of the barrel with a garden hose. A concentrated spray nozzle will work well to remove residue from the inside of the barrel.

You should wait until the first good rain of the springtime has fallen before reattaching your rain barrel. The first good rain should flush considerably more debris from the roof and gutters than subsequent rains. Attaching your rain barrel before this point may increase the chances of clogging the diverter.

Warranty & Owner's Manual

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