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New Recharge Mower™ Electric Riding Mower
Model G2



Recharge Mower accessories page

The Revolutionary Recharge™ Electric Riding Mower :: A Greener Lawn, A Greener Planet


Easy to Assemble

recharge electric riding mower disassembled

Each Recharge Mower™ comes in its own self contained shipping unit. Each of these include an internal metal frame which can be unassembled using a basic screwdriver and pliers.

Assembly of the unit requires only the positioning of the steering wheel by securing 1 bolt (Allen key included) and the securing of the driver's seat with 2 cotter pins.

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A Major Transformation in the Electric Riding Mower

The all new Model G2 improves on the previous model in so many ways. The technology is far superior including:

  • Electronic cutting blade controllers to maintain smooth operation without fail
  • The heavy duty drive system with tremendous power
  • The design is ALL metal and virtually eliminates any plastic parts
  • Touch sensitive accelerator with one pedal braking system
  • Wider 30" wide cutting path
  • 7 adjustable cutting heights - from under 2" to almost 5"

Safe and Convenient to Operate

7 adjustable cutting heights to create a perfectly manicured lawn. Additionally, the powerful rear wheel drive electric motor provides abundant forward and reverse momentum. The entire system is easily operated through simple hand operated controls making the unit perfect for both physically fit and mobility challenged adults.

  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Blade Safety Start Switch
  • Audible Reverse Warning Indicator
  • Front Mounted Headlight - Switchable
  • Drive Interruption Safety System when braking
  • Positive Engage Hand Brake
  • Reverse Blade Disengagement

The Rechargeable Difference with this mower:

The team who diligently worked together to create the Recharge mower had unique qualifications including Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Graphics, IT, and Logistics. This team focused on product development and innovation when creating the Recharge Mower. Precise qualtiy control specifications and industry standard requirements are set for each product manufactured.

Real world and laboratory tested for both performance and safety.

Recharge™ Electric Riding Mower Info

Technical Specs

Features Include:

  • Warranty - 2 year limited non commercial
  • Battery Warranty - 2 year limited non commercial
  • Drive Motor - 1 Forward and Reverse
  • Drive system - Electric
  • Battery Capacity – Volts & Amphour Rating - 36V 85Ah battery system
  • comprised of (3) batteries
  • Ground Speed (approx.) - 5 mph, 8 kph


  • Front - 10" * 4.00-4
  • Rear - 15" * 6.00-5


  • Deck Material - Metal
  • Deck Construction - Metal
  • Number of spindles - 2
  • Blade Tip Speed - 3600 rpm
  • Spindle Material - Steel motor shaft
  • Deck Drive - 2 x Cutting Motors
  • Deck Engagement - Electric-Blade mounted
  • directly to motor shaft
  • Deck Lift System - Hand operated
  • Cutting width - 30"
  • Cutting Heights - 7 pre designated
  • Cutting positions - 7


  • Safety - UL 1447 certified + ANSI B71.1 certified + CE Certification
  • Headlights - N/A
  • Seat - Fixed with springs
  • Hour meter - N/A


  • Length (inches) - 51 (130 cm)
  • Width (inches) - 30 (76 cm)
  • Height (inches) - 40 (101 cm)


  • 36V 3A Charger - 110v 8Ah cULus / CE Certified Smart Charger
  • Grass catcher - N/A
  • Grass deflector - Included


How long to charge the unit?
• Average charge can be completed over night in an average of 10 – 12 hours.

How long will the unit run for?

• The Recharge Mower is designed to have 3 hours of cut time. This time will vary depending on the length of grass, type of grass and the terrain.

How do you charge the unit?
• The Recharge Mower is delivered with a easy to use plug-in charger. This unit simply connects to a standard wall outlet and connects to the charging port along the steering column of the Recharge Mower.

What is the drive speed of the unit?
• The Recharge Mower can achieve a speed of 7kph (4.5 mph). While this is the top speed of the unit, we recommend a slower speed during the cutting process. When switched into reverse the unit will achieve a maximum speed of half the forward speed. This helps ensure safe operation of the unit while travelling in reverse.

What cutting heights can be achieved?

• The Recharge Mower is equipped with a height adjustment system. The unit offers 5 cutting deck positions starting from .75" and ranging upward in half inch increments to a height of 2.75"

What size are the tires?
• The Recharge Mower features air filled tires to provide a more comfortable, balanced ride. The front tires are 9" while the rear are 13". The tread pattern has been selected to help grip the terrain without damaging the surface.

How much weight can it handle?
• The Recharge Mower is designed to handle the a rider weighing a maximum 150 kg (330lbs). With a rider of this weight, the system can handle an additional 150kg (330 lbs) of towing capacity.

What is the size of the motors?
• The Recharge Mower operates using 3 electric motors. The proprietary design provides for low power consumption while offering enhanced performance. The drive (propulsion) motor is rated at 900 watts. Each of the 2 blade motors also provide 900 watts of power.

What service is needed?
• Unlike conventional gas powered mowers, the Recharge Mower is virtually maintenance free. There is no gas, no oil, no emissions, no tunes ups to perform. We suggest that you inspect the condition of the blades regularly – BUT – only when the unit is cold and the all power is off including removing the key and switching the power breaker to off.

What is the cutting width of the unit?
• The Recharge Mower has been designed to cross the line between push and riding style mowers. The 27" cutting width, featuring dual cutting blades is certainly a step up from push mowers while providing a far highly level of manoeuvrability over the conventional 34" or greater cutting path of other riding mowers

What safety features are incorporated into the unit?
• The Recharge Mower has completed full safety testing in order to meet ANSI B71.1 and UL 1447 Standards. There are multiple safety features incorporated into the Recharge Mower including but not limited to:
  • Operator Presence Switch – when the operator leaves the seat the unit immediately ceases to function
  • Blade engagement switch – require 2 actions to initiate the activation of the blade and only when the operator is in the seat.
  • Reverse Speed Limiting – the unit will only operate at half the normal forward speed while in reverse AND the cutting blades will not operate.
  • Bagger in position requirement – the unit is designed to only permit the cutting operation when the rear bagger is in place. This is designed to help reduce the potential for flying debris.
What about cutting wet grass?
• Like virtually all mowers on the market, wet grass will certainly reduce the effectiveness of the cutting system and will also require the operator to clear the grass chute more often. We recommend that you do NOT cut grass in the rain and delay cutting until the grass has had an opportunity to dry.

How long is the warranty?
• The Recharge Mower comes with a 2 year limited residential consumer use warranty. Details are included in the Operator’s Manual that accompanies the unit.

Why choose this body design?
• Whether you are physically fit or mobility challenged the Recharge Mower has been designed to allow the Operator to mount and dismount the unit easily.

Where are the batteries?
• There are 3 sealed batteries positioned along the center of the unit. Not only does this protect them for any accidental contact, but this also helps improve the stability of the unit by balancing weight.

How much does it weigh?
• The Recharge Mower features a coated Steel Frame construction. Along with the battery pack, the unit weighs only about 300 lbs. We have reduced and eliminated weight to help save energy and improve performance.

How loud is it?
• The Recharge Mower is extremely quiet. Actually, as an added safety feature, we have installed an Audible Warning Indicator that beeps when the unit is put into reverse. When the blades are NOT operating and the Recharge Mower is in reverse, we were worried you would not even hear it. When the Recharge Mower is travelling forward and mowing your lawn, again it is well over 50% quieter than conventional mowers.

How is the unit built?
• The Recharge Mower is built to last. The frame is made with coated Steel, the body is moulded for a quality fit, the connections are tight and weatherproofed with shrink wrap and the electronic components are safely positioned and shielded below an access door positioned under the operator seat to prevent damage.

How do you operate the unit?
• Simplicity is part of the philosophy built into each Recharge Mower. Most of the controls are hand operated and positioned for easy access. There are safety features built into all aspects of the unit without burdening the Operator.

How much does it cost to charge the unit?
• If you assume a rate of $0.12 per kilowatt hour the cost to charge the unit for 12 hours would be approximately $0.55

Are there accessories or add-ons available?
• There are a number of add-on products available including:
  • 30" Wide Garden Trailer featuring matching wheels and dump capable
  • 30" Wide Lawn Roller
  • Sunshade Canopy
  • Seat Cover with pockets
  • Additional items will be added on an ongoing basis
How do I store the unit over the winter months?
• We would recommend that the unit be kept in indoor facility like a storage shed or garage. In order to ensure that the batteries are maintained properly, they should be charge at least once every 2 months.

How many times can the battery be charged?
• The UL approved batteries for the Recharge Mower™ have been selected to provide 250-300 charges. These batteries do NOT have a memory helping to prevent limitations in the charging platform. In combination with our Smart Charger – which turns off automatically when the batteries reach a full charge – we are able to extend the useful life.

How is the unit shipped?
• The Recharge Mower™ will be delivered directly to your door. Our currently programs includes FedEx Freight delivery including Lift Gate service and residential delivery to bring your brand new mower directly to your driveway.


Recharge™ Mower Profile (10 min)

Shipping and Warranty

The Recharge Mower comes with a 2 year limited residential consumer use warranty.

Our 14th year. Over 38,000 Reel Mowers Sold
Now in our 14th year, we are proud to have sold and supported over 38,000 mowers. People Powered Machines is more than an eco e-tailer, we are a long standing company with real people that support our products. We are totally committed to reducing gas mowing, noise emmissions, and returning pleasure to backyards everywhere! Let us know if we can help you with your decision in any way.