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Silent Cut 18 LW push reel lawn mower

Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses Reel Mower

$289 + $25 shipping to 48 states, shipping surcharge for AK, HI, and Canada


Model 45-01931-LW

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add to cart : sharpening kit for silent cut lawnmower Sharpening Kit
$85.99 with mower purchase

The Sharpening Kit is recommended to keep blades in optimum condition.

add to cart : grass catcher for silentcut lawnmower Grass Catcher
$85 with mower purchase

Adjusts to fit all Silent Cut models.

Silent Cut 18 for Upright Grasses Reel Mower

Mowing Tips

A hand reel lawn mower provides the traditional mowing technique preferred by lawn care professionals. This mower is designed to provide years of dependable service and give optimum performance in lawn care. The reel mower not only benefits you and your lawn, but the environment as well.

A reel mower works on different principles than a standard rotary mower. It only cuts what gets between the reel and the cutter bar. Therefore, it is important to cut your lawn regularly and not allow the grass to reach a height of much over 3-4" in order to insure a proper cut.

Mow no more than one-third of the grass blade, so that a deeper root system is encouraged. A lawn with an extensive network of roots needs less help finding food and water and can better crowd out weeds.


Solidly made Reel Mower

This reel mower is heavy duty and built to last. It works well on thick grass or even bumpy lawns because it hugs the ground with the added weight for nice even cut. Features an easy height adjustment and quiet contact design. You may purchase an option grass catcher and sharpening kit. The do-it-yourself sharpening will need to be done about once every 2 or more years.

Built Rugged to Exacting Specifications

  • Precision ground reel and cutter bar - highest quality cut
  • 6 Blade design allows easy pushing
  • Rounded roller end prevents lawn grooving and allows easy turning capability

Ships ready to mow: Our Amish supplier sharpens, lubricates and adjusts each reel mower before shipping - assemble, attach handle then mow!

Silent Cut 18 Reel Mower Info

Technical Specs

  • 42 lbs.(shipping weight), 1.7 cu. ft.
  • Precision ground reel and cutter bar with minimal contact for highest quality cut
  • Reel: 6 austempered heat-treated blades
  • Rounded roller end prevents lawn grooving + allows easy movement
  • frame: 12 guage steel frame
  • Roller: adjustable single piece poly
  • Wheels: 10 " x 1.75"
  • Hub Caps included
  • 18" Cut Width
  • Cutting Height: 1" to 2.75", easy to adjust
  • Simple 3 bolt assembly
  • Carton Size: 11.5" x 13.25 " x 24"


Please tell me the difference between a 7 blade reel mower and a 5 blade reel mower. Are they used for different grasses or for different purposes?

The five blade mowers are used for upright grasses. The seven blade mowers are used for common Bermuda, zoysia, centipede and other common bent grasses.  If your bent grass lawn is extremely thick, a five blade mower will be much easier to push. Six bladed mowers can mow any type of grass.

Will I have to assemble my new reel mower?

All you have to do is attach the handles. This requires from 3 - 7 nuts and bolts, depending on the model.

How often do reel mowers need sharpening?

That depends on many factors: size of lawn, frequency of use, exposure to moisture, condition of lawn, whether or not the mower is cleaned after each use and how particular the customer is about the sharpness.

Manufacturers estimates run the gamut from one to eight years. Each manufacturer estimates the length of time before sharpening based on feedback from their customers, and some tend to estimate more conservatively than others. Some customers will find they need to sharpen more or less often than the manufacturers estimate. Since some mowers tend to attract customers with small well-manicured lawns, while others may appeal to customers with larger or rougher lawns, the estimate is not necessarily a true measure of the quality of the mower's blades.

You can help maintain the sharp edge by keeping the both the reel and the bedknife blades clean, dry and well-coated with WD40, silicone spray or other lubricant, storing it in a dry location and keeping the lawn free of twigs, stones or other obstacles that can damage the blades.

How does one sharpen a reel mower?

Reel mowers are sharpened by "backlapping" - first you apply a sharpening compound to the blades, then you crank the reel backwards using a crank handle that comes with the kit that is available for some of our reel mowers. The compound rubs between the reel blades and the fixed blade at the bottom, sharpening both. 

How hard are reel mowers to push?

Although some mowers are more difficult to push than others, all of our mowers are reasonably easy to push when used properly, which means you have chosen the appropriate mower for your lawn, you mow frequently, so that only one third of the blade of grass is being mowed at a time, you keep the mower lubricated and sharpened.

Reel mowers cut like a pair of scissors so they can only cut what gets caught between the blades. If the grass gets too tall, it will be pushed to the ground and hacked up in an uneven fashion. In order to recover from over-grown grass, it is usually possible to go over it twice, then mow again in a couple of days. Sometimes a rotary mower or weed whacker may  be used to bring the grass down to a better cutting height.

If your mower is difficult to push on a flat surface, such as cement, it may mean that it was jarred out of adjustment or damaged in shipping. Please check the owner's manual, then call us if you need further assistance. If you find your mower was damaged in shipping, please file a claim with the shipper. It is important that you inspect the box for damage before accepting your shipment, and ask the driver what you must do if you suspect the contents may have been damaged in shipping.

Warranty & Owner's Manual

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