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Springsaver Rain Barrel

$134.99 + shipping included

What System Should I Use?

The best water harvesting system is the one that will fit your particular needs, and grow with your garden.

Beginning with a simple barrel placed under a downspout, you can add more collection units and storage tanks as your landscape needs dictate. Connect collection barrels to storage tanks with PVC pipe or hose, and the water can be moved to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Its all about supply and demand.

Collect free water whenever it rains, and store the water for use during dryer months of the year. Just remember to use water wisely...


Springsaver Rain barrel

This rainbarrel offers generous 50 gallon water saving capacity with dual spigot access ports to accommodate user preferences, quad overflow connections for dispersing water effectively to drainage or irrigation, a recessed top that prevents splashing or spilling and a "downpour overflow channel" to manage flash storms. The SpringSaver includes mosquito and debris screen and is created with the community mandated "closed safety design" to prevent accidents for children, pets or wildlife. A real bonus is that each rain barrel is supplied with components and hose readily configured as a linking kit or overflow hose at no extra charge to the customer.

The efficient size will fit in almost any vehicle trunk or back seat, while being light and comfortable enough for anyone to carry. The flat back design hugs tightly to buildings and the broadly funneled intake surface provides flexibility for aligning the downspout to the barrel. Alternatively . . . an available "hose intake diverter" can be connected directly between the downspout and barrel to direct rain to the barrel via one of the overflow connectors. The SpringSaver will be offered in 4 nature inspired colors and is also available as a fully recycled black (all material pre-consumer food grade quality).


Spill Control Top:

The raised outer splash rim and recessed center of the SpringSaver focuses downspout water flow to the inside of the barrel preventing splashing and overspill when rain flows from the downspout . Most barrels lack this recessed top feature allowing water to spill over top and soak near home foundations. With other "flat top barrels" spilling/overflow will also occur when storage capacity is full and rain has no room to continue to enter the barrel. With our quad overflow ports plus flash overflow channel we have engineered multiple options for spill and splash control.

Multiple Overflows:

The SpringSaver is designed with four overflow ports to enable connection of multiple runoff or irrigation hoses. Every barrel arrives with 4 adaptors that will allow connection of 5/8 inch garden hose directly to the back of the barrel so that users can configure to their runoff or irrigation preferences. These access points are also ideal for connecting the barrels together with the free linking hose.

Flash Overflow Channel:

During flash rain storms, most rain barrels are not able to handle extreme water flow and excess rain spills over the top and close to the foundation of your house. Even barrels with large intake areas experience this problem because once full, limited overflow will prevent water from moving into the barrel. We've solved this situation with our front overflow channel. When barrel is full or the 4 overflow ports are at full flow capacity, excess water will cascade forward and disperse away from barrel and house foundation.

Linking Kit:

You won't pay an extra dime to connect your barrels in series with our included linking kit. By connecting barrels through any of the 4 overflow ports, users can quickly link barrels in series. These ports are arranged 2 up on both sides of the barrel which provides versatility, and since the ports are stacked on each side linking hose can flow high to low between barrels. Unlike other rain barrels this means that additional barrels can be arranged at the same ground level rather than needing to be arranged downhill in series. A four foot hose is included for linking barrels or it can be used for one of the overflow exits.

Dual Spigot Access:

Barrels are configured with 2 spigot access points. One is at the bottom of the barrel for complete water access while an alternative "pail filling" access is provided 12 inches up for convenient filling of watering cans and water pails. A threaded spigot will enable dispensing water from either height, or connecting a hose for distant watering. One of the 4 included overflow connectors can also be utilized for connecting a hose directly to the secondary access point.

Flat Back Profile:

The ergonomic shape of this barrel aligns tightly to buildings and walls with minimal impact on outdoor space. This compact design also enables easy transportation since is convenient to carry and will fit in almost any trunk or back seat. The portable size also enables quick and easy home setup. Dimensions are 32 x 24 x 20 inches.

Attractive Colors:

We've selected 4 nature inspired colors that will complement home or garden settings or choose our 100% recycled (black) material. These distinctive colors include Deep Green, TerraCotta, OakWood, Granite, or Recycled Black. All colors are made of food grade material including partial pre-consumer recycled content.

Function and Design:

The generous 51 gallon capacity rain barrel is engraved with attractive details and molded with 10 year UV-Protected polyethylene plastic. The community mandated "closed design" protects children, pets and wildlife from accidents and each barrel includes an insect and debris screen.

Available Hose (downspout) Intake Diverter:

Rather than using the recessed top of the barrel to capture the downspout rain collection, users can also install our Intake Hose Diverter (available separately) that will direct a controlled stream of water from the downspout (by hose) directly to one of the barrel overflow ports. This would allow barrels to be configured independent of the downspout, enable them to be disconnected at any time with little effort and also provide a more controllable volume of water to enter the barrel during high volume storms. The diverter would be installed into an existing downspout and includes a hose and barrel adaptor.

Economical Pricing and Inventory Availability:

Our efficient manufacturing process brings price breaking value to the wholesale, community and consumer market while offering extensive function and design benefits. Made in USA, we are able to offer responsive production, high volume inventory fulfillment and specialized delivery or drop ship options. To support our retail affiliates, we will not undercut your marketing objectives by promoting any advertised or internet offers that compete below the minimum suggested retail price.

In The Box

The Springsaver Rain Barrel comes with the following:

  • Hose Threaded Spigot
  • Linking/Overflow Connectors
  • Threaded Plugs
  • Plastic Intake Screen (and screws)
  • Foot Linking/Overflow Hose
  • Rain Barrel

Assembly Guide

For more information and assembly guide, click here.


Our guarantee is intended to provide consumer satisfaction for production standards while maintaining economical market pricing. Upon inspection of product within 60 days of purchase we will replace flawed body or components per evaluation of defect. Consumer is responsible for any damage caused from use, wear, freezing or damage, however any product damaged within 1 year of purchase can be replaced for 1/2 original retail purchase price by directly contacting Stone Harbor Waterworks. Damaged product will need to be destroyed (cut up) and returned and proof of purchase date and cost will be required. Refund will not be issued for return of used products or purchases beyond the 60 day inspection period (replacement only).

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