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Tijeras Nino Rain Barrel

Tijeras Niño 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

designed to handle serious water input

$239 + $49.95 shipping

Add Niño Removable Plant Tray


What System Should I Use? Tijeras Niño 55 Gallon Rain Barrel :: Simple...Easy to Use...Effective

Nino 55 Gallon rain barrel side view

The best water harvesting system is the one that will fit your particular needs, and grow with your garden.

Beginning with a simple barrel placed under a downspout, you can add more collection units and storage tanks as your landscape needs dictate. Connect collection barrels to storage tanks with PVC pipe or hose, and the water can be moved to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Its all about supply and demand.

Collect free water whenever it rains, and store the water for use during dryer months of the year. Just remember to use water wisely...


The newest addition to our line of rain barrels, the Tijeras Niño is designed to handle serious water input. Manufactured from recyclable virgin resin, FDA approved for contact with potable water, the Niño's end to end water catchment area along with its rectangular shape means it can be used in multiple positions.

Did you know, according to the U.S. Geographical Survey, the average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day? That means a typical family of 4 could use up to 146,000 gallons of water every year.

  • 55 gallon barrel
  • 2 top styles:
    1. removable rectangular
    2. fixed, non-removable rectangular
  • 26 available colors (13 solid colors, 13 speckled colors)
  • Includes all components needed to capture water
  • Welded fittings - No gaskets. Guaranteed leak free. Custom fittings locations available at no additional charge

Perfect for capturing falling water!

  • Rectangular shape with tapered sides
  • Attractive screened end to end inlet
  • Vented space on top for use as a planter or planter stand
  • Animal / Child / Mosquito Resistant
  • Full UV protection
  • Food-Grade Virgin Polyethylene
  • Seamless Construction
  • Completely Recyclable

Sky rocketing water consumption along with our changing weather patterns, means it is everyone's responsibility to conserve water. Collecting and storing rain water to irrigate your lawn and garden is a great way to do your part in helping to preserve our environment.

Strategically placed rainsavers can help prevent excessive runoff during storms and provide an ample and renewable source of water for home and garden needs.

Tijeras Niño 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 55 gallon Rectangular shape with tapered sides
  • Attractive screened end to end inlet
  • Perfect for capturing falling water
  • Removable Top with easily replaceable Screen
  • Vented space on top for use as a planter or planter stand
  • Animal / Child / Mosquito Resistant
  • 1-1/2” Internal Overflow
  • Brass Ball Drain Valve with Garden Hose Thread
  • Full UV protection
  • Food-Grade Virgin Polyethylene
  • Seamless Construction
  • All fittings welded to tank—No gaskets
  • No tools necessary
  • Consider draining in freezing temps
  • 13 Speckled & 13 Solid Colors
  • Optional removable planting tray
  • Completely Recyclable

Documentation (PDF)

Recycled versus Recyclable

Plastics are used in every conceivable industry from drinking water to carcinogenic chemicals to flower pots that have been subjected to chemical fertilizers and insect poisions. Recycled (regrind) plastic may be acceptable for items such as mailboxes or septic tanks and yet terrible for items from which humans might possibly drink.

Notice if the manufacturer says "not for potable water", "not for human consumption", "XX% of recycled plastic", or some such warning. No matter whose barrel you buy, it is important to know that anyone who advertises the use of recycled resin in a product as environmentally sensitive as a rain barrel is using a contradictory marketing ploy. On one hand, a company asks you to buy their product because it is the environmentally responsible thing to do; but on the other, they have to delicately sidestep the issue that the "used" plastics in their barrel could possibly contaminate the valuable rainwater, thus creating yet another environmental issue.Those companies are preying on the well-intentioned individuals who only superficially investigate the details or blindly demand recycled products no matter the issues.

Tijeras Rain Barrels does not have that luxury. We demand that our products make sense and be well thought out. This includes the raw materials we use. We will use only virgin food-grade resin that is completely recyclable until we can find an acceptable recycled substitute.


download PDFNiño Assembly Instructions


It is important to check your water harvesting system to make sure the water is moving where you want it to go.

  • Keep gutters and downspouts free of debris
  • Clean and maintain filters regularly, including drip filters
  • Regularly flush debris from the bottom of storage containers
  • Keep landscaped holding areas free of debris
  • Control and prevent erosion
  • Clean and repair
  • Make sure your storage barrels are big enough to hold the amount of water you need

Tijeras Niño 1 Year Limited Warranty

download PDFNiño Warranty Sheet