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     home composters can-o-worms

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The Can-O-Worms

recycling and garden enrichment
through composting.

$114.00 + $29.00 shipping

*includes $15 shipping
Add Organic Unwrapped Bedding Block
$52 + free shipping


Don't forget to add Coco Fiber growing medium!

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Pack Size
What is a Worm Farm? The Can-O-Worms :: Odorless Living Composter
worm farm

A worm farm is like a potted plant, only without the plant. It’s a large container filled with soil, with drainage holes in the bottom and a lid to keep out the rain. Living in the soil are several hundred worms.

worm farm

Kitchen scraps (teabags, potato peelings, eggshells and so on) are put in the top, and the worms convert this into nutrient-rich fertilizer. These can then be added to your vegetable garden, and the process starts again.



#1 worm composter in the world
Patented, award-winning multi-level design
Taps into the organic market
Made from 100% recycled material

Why customers buy the CAN-O-WORMS™
Easy to assemble and maintain
Can be used year-round

Why customers want worm tea and castings
Improves soil structure, aeration and water retention
Contributes to soil fertility and healthy root development
Increases organic content of the soil

Why the CAN-O-WORMS™ is good for the environment
Turns food waste into a resource
Conserves limited landfill space
Recycles nutrients
Worm tea and castings are renewable resources

The Can-O-Worms worm farm is user friendly, easy to operate and fun for all ages. It is so versatile that it can be left on a balcony or in a laundry for apartment dwellers, in a shed or in a shaded outdoor location for those with a yard.

For keen fishermen the unit will breed up to 20,000 bait worms which are easily removed from the top!

  • Easy harvesting of castings (worm poo).
  • Worms eat their way up leaving their rich castings behind, readily removed, free of worms.
  • Liquid fertiliser is also produced and dispensed through a tap.
  • Fly and pest proof.
  • The Can-O-Worms stands on five sturdy legs.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Can-O-Worms will reduce the amount of garbage that is put out in the trash can each week and the fertilizer it produces is great for the garden. You’ll end up with :

  • More - and tastier - food
  • More vibrant flower gardens
  • Healthier plants
  • Reduced waste


Compare our Composters

The Can-O-Worms

(prices include shipping)

1000 Worms $55.00 add green cone system to cart
2000 Worms $67.00 add green cone system to cart
3000 Worms $85.00 add green cone system to cart
Organic Unwrapped Bedding Block (Box of 6)
$52.00 add Organic Unwrapped Bedding Block Box of 6 to cart
Extra/Replacement Working Tray
$65.00 add Extra/Replacement Working Tray to cart
Replacement Spigot
$24.00 add Replacement Spigot to cart
Replacement Lid
$57.00 add Replacement Lid to cart
Replacement Collector (bottom) Tray
$67.00 add can-o-worms collector tray to cart
Replacement Legs
$63.00 add Replacement Legs to cart

The Can-O-Worms worm farm consists of the following parts:

  • A ‘Collector Tray’ - the one with the leg spaces, centre mound & tap hole underneath.
  • Three ‘Working Trays’ - these are the ones with the mesh bases and are interchangeable.
  • One lid.
  • One plastic tap and a nut.
  • Five legs which clip in to the Collector Tray
    as a stand for the system.
  • One worm bedding block
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual.
  • Cardboard display (this will be used again later)
  • 29" tall x 20" wide
  • 5 year warranty


Which Worms To Use?

There are thousands of species of earthworms worldwide, all of which feed on some form of organic matter but their preferences and habitats differ. Worms can be divided into two broad categories depending on those preferences:

Composters - There are only a few species of these, mainly ‘Tigers’ and ‘Reds’ and 'Dendras'. They live and breed happily in an organic rich environment like a Can-O-Worms. You can purchase new red composting worms from PPM.

Earthworkers - These are the many others which prefer to live in a less controlled environment. They will not thrive in food wastes but prefer soil and humus as their basic diet.

It is important to make sure you use only composters in your Can-O-Worms since earthworkers will not do well. Conversely you shouldn’t add composters to your soil as they are not likely to survive when the soil dries (the exception to this is a heavily mulched garden).

The compost worms in your Can-O-Worms will produce worm manure called castings which can be used in your garden as a soil improver.

Assembly, Brochure and FAQ Downloads



  • The Can-O-Worms worm farm comes with a five (5) year warranty on materials and workmanship.