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Why Reel Mowing:

Healthier Cutting Method
Mowers with Older Technology are a Hassle!
So Convenient!


reel and

A beautiful, thriving lawn begins with the proper cut, and with regular use a reel mower will help deliver the well-manicured precision of a professional cut to any lawn. Reel push mowers are widely acclaimed for their superior cutting method which promotes the health of the grass plant. Prized by lawn, garden and golf course aficionados around the world, the coveted cut of a reel mower yields the most beautiful, vigorous, healthy lawns. That is why those seeking putting-green-perfect lawns--from golf courses and palaces to the White House--rely on reel mowers to mow their lawns.

Healthier Cutting Method:

The scissor-like cutting action of the reel mower cuts the grass blades cleanly and precisely. Unlike rotary mowers, reel mowers do not tear and bruise the grass blades. Furthermore, the rollers of the Brill and Sunlawn Reel Mowers are designed to refresh the grass plants' vital interwoven network and to recycle the clippings back into the lawn to provide moisture and nutrients (a process referred to as mulching). A reel mower cuts with a minimal disturbance to this natural interwoven growth pattern. A rotary mower sucks all the grass up to vertical and then chops it off with the fast moving blade.

Mowers with Older Technology are a Hassle:

While the healthy benefits to the lawn of using a reel mower are inarguable, many older versions of reel mowers have proven unpopular due to complaints that they are too heavy, too difficult to push and require too frequent blade sharpening. The Brill and Sunlawn Reel Mowers change all that. These elegant, precision-crafted reel mower yields beautiful healthy lawns, with simple, safe, and environment-friendly mowing.

So Convenient:

Of course, the Brill and Sunlawn Reel Mowers never need fueling and are always ready to mow. While a push mower is probably not best-suited for very large lawns-- unless you are really committed-- it is perfect for all medium and small lawns. Great for kids as well as senior citizens.


Read More:

Our online-resource page has more information, organized, and annotated. From the wall street journal to the washington post, from federal resources to university more about why reel mowing is the best!





  What you can hear
while mowing with a Reel Mower
1 birds
2 your children playing
along side you
3 conversation
4 phone ring
5 phone not ring
6 music
7 books on tape
8 your children fighting inside the house (ok, so the power mower might have it on ths one)
9 your neighbors dinner party which you are not interrupting
10 the ice cream truck!