The highest quality, environment-friendly products

Manual Reel Mowers

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Reel Mowers - Be Good To The Environment!

Mowing your lawn with the a manual push reel mower is better for the air, better for the grass, and better for you. See astounding statistics regarding pollution caused by gas mowing.

Reel mowers do a superior job of cutting because they shear the grass rather than tear it as rotary mower does, causing tip browning. So you ask: what is a Reel Blade anyway?

Yard and Lawn Sweepers

Yard Cleanup Time? Here's Help...

Raking is the number one "hard-on-your back" activity in the yard. Since a few of us here have regular "back issues" we were motivated to find a durable and light sweeper for fall cleanup. our Push Lawn Sweeper are available in 2 sizes, with options for bigger bales of leaves.

Haaga sweepers give you the power to clean any hard surface – Patios, Driveways or Decks. Al Gore would approve - no air pollution, noise pollution or energy consumption.

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About Us

People Powered Machines, a company dedicated to providing the highest quality, environment-friendly products, started from a lifestyle decision to use a non-polluting, health-promoting reel push mower, and our frustration in finding a high quality product that would endure.


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Our Composter Line

We reviewed over 20 composters before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times. However, we go one step further in choosing durable and easy to assemble systems that will be hard-working garden tools for years.