Flowtron LE-900 Leaf-Eater / Shredder / Mulcher

Flowtron LE-900 Leaf-Eater / Shredder / Mulcher
    Price: $249.99

    Code: le-900

    Product Description

    Flowtron LE-900 Leaf-Eater / Shredder / Mulcher, $199.99 + $50 shipping.

    Shred and Spread!

    As fast as you can load it, Flowtron's patented Leaf-Eater Plus shreds wet or dry leaves, grass clippings - even pine needles - into nutrient-rich mulch or compost. Reduce the endless job of bagging leaves ... or eliminate it all together! Naturally nourishes your lawn and garden.

    • reduce 11 Bags of Leaves to Only One Bag!
    • portable, flexible unit goes anywhere you need it
    • fine, medium and coarse output settings suit every application
    • The Flowtron Leaf-Eater Plus stands alone or can be placed atop a trash barrel for efficient disposal
    • Runs on ordinary household current.