Smart Cart Owner Testimonials - Real People Raves!

"I am an the lead instructor of an equine program. We have 92 box stalls for horses in the program. We use the carts for cleaning stalls etc. We have always used these carts, we just expanded and needed more. I have trained horses professionally for 25 plus years and have used these carts at home for probably 15 years and find them to be the best available for the job."
J.J. Rydberg
Horse Training and Management
Lamar Community College

"The Smart Cart Wheelbarrow is simply the best equine related purchase I have ever made. It's great for hauling stuff out of the pasture, but also much more. You would expect it to be great for carrying bales of hay and bags of shavings. What I didn't realize was that a 100 gallon tank fits perfectly, making it easy to clean even here in Michigan winter. The design makes it simple for one person to do a lot with this utility cart."

"I wrote you a couple months ago telling you that I would let you know how it works once I get it put together, and I am here to testify. I only swore once during the assembly, it was really easy. This cart is the envy of the barn, and don't be surprised if you get another request for one of your fine smart carts from this neck of the woods. Thank you."

"my husband bought me a smart cart about ten years ago. as we are approaching an anniversary of our relationship we tend to talk about what works and what doesn't work. the gift of a smart cart was genius. we keep thanking you mentally every time we use the hand powered cart. we just can't seem to get over the great design and tough construction. we have moved over 150 yards of top soil, tons and tons of huge rocks, gravel, sand, groceries from the car to the house, kids at halloween -- four in costume down the city streets, field stones, leaves, garden supplies, hay bails, salt for our water softener from car to basement door, fire wood -- gobs of firewood -- we cut from our wood cutting horse right into the cart and then wheel to the wood rack, air compressor, hoses, picnics to the beach, kids when they get tired (adult supervision due to balance) -- it is not just what we have moved but the amount and the frequency, "get the smart cart....go get the smart cart!" we call out and one kid comes running with it.

thanks so much. you have and do make our lives easier frequently."
Valerie Fons and Joe Ervin.