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home sweepers haaga turbo push sweepers 600 series

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Haaga TURBO Sweepers Professional Line 600 Series (Battery Powered)

Haaga 677 MasterSweep (NEW)
$2289.99 + $85.00 shipping

Haaga 697 MasterSweep (NEW)
$2399.99 + $150.00 shipping

The Revolutionary Haaga Sweeper :: How the Pro's Clean Up

The unique idea :: the Patented dual circular brush design

Unlike other manual sweepers, the Haaga's special circular brooms grab dirt that's directly in front of the machine. There's no center wheel or rubber lip to get in the way of cleanup. The side brooms pull dirt from corners and crevices, getting it off the street and into the garbage, where it belongs. Even leaves, cans, cups, large debris, sand and stone are whisked away by the TURBO?s powerful brushes.

The second step is a special pass by the unit's roller brush. The brush hurls dirt overhead, catching it in the refuse container. This second brush eliminates the need to make several passes over the surface. It grabs and removes the finest dust particles quickly and efficiently. The TURBO provides optimal cleaning performance and a large hopper for fewer stops and dumps.

All parts are recyclable, and replacement pieces can be snapped in without the use of tools.


Ideal for parking lots, warehouses, greenhouses, gas stations, and supermarkets.

The Haaga 600 Professional Line MasterSweep Series with rechargeable batteries take sweeping to its highest levels and are especially suited for areas starting at 200 square meters.

  • New ergonomic handle: corrosion resistant and durable, increased in length to allow an upright position
  • Heavier front for more effective sweeping of heavier materials
  • Encapsulated brush drive prevents coiling of straw and strings – even lots of sand is no problem
  • Special air direction system with particle filter and gasket system for nearly dust-free sweeping
  • Powerful 12V rechargeable battery provides up to 90 mins sweeping time or optional manual operation.

Pros Know:: the right tools save you time and money.

The Haaga 600 Series Electric or Push Sweeper is the revolutionary back-saving, time-saving tool for quick and thorough sweeping without sweat and effort... just push and clean.

The Haaga is a versatile machine, working inside or out and in wet and dry conditions. The patented dual brush design easily picks up all sized debris including cans, paper, nails, broken glass, dust and stones. Thoughtful and high quality German engineering insure the Haaga will be a long lasting tool you will use often.

Key Features ::

  • Extremely easy to use, to push, carry, and store.
  • Special fully foldable ergonomic handle for fatigue-free operation
  • Can be used on concrete, tile, rugs, and pavement etc.
  • Brush pressure easily adjusted to allow for various surfaces, indoors or outdoors.
  • Sweeps up dry, wet, coarse and fine materials. Even leaves, stones, cigarette butts, paper, beverage cans, cups, broken glass, large debris, sand, stone and dirt
  • Empties easily : removable latched container can be taken off, emptied and refastened with a sweep of one hand.
  • Ideal for home and business. for driveways, walkways, storefronts, patios, garages, poolside, movie theaters.
  • Save your back. Just walk and easily push dirt and debris away. No more bending over to pick up large debris.
  • Protect your eyes and lungs from dust and mold. Haaga's patented 2 brush design sends the material into the hopper, not your body for dust-free sweeping.
  • Al Gore would approve - no air pollution, noise pollution or energy consumption

Patented Brush System

  • Protruding polyamide brushes on both sides rotate inwards depositing debris into the large built-in bin.
  • Works on all surfaces : the height of the broom is continually adjustable so as to ensure optimal distance from the ground.
  • Works on wet or dry debris.

Durable, Trouble free, and Easy to Store

  • Wear-resistant, Belt-free direct drive means no need to replace costly belts, as is the case with other brands of push sweepers.
  • Long lasting – body is made from an impact resistant polymer material
  • Wear and tear parts can be replaced without tools
  • Space saving: stores or suspends compactly in storage in order to save space.
  • 4 year wear and tear warranty for the brushes.
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Made in Germany

Haaga 600 Professional Line MasterSweep Series Info + Specs

600 model comparisons::

  Haaga 677 Haaga 697
  haaga677 haaga697
works by Turbo sweeping system. Battery powered or manually operated. Two counter-rotating discs plus brush roller. Turbo sweeping system. Battery powered or manually operated. Two counter-rotating discs plus brush roller.
sweeping width 30" 40"
Sweeping capacity: 3,800 sq m / h

4,100 sq m / h

Weight:  44 lbs  (20kg) 55 lbs  (25kg)
Waste Container capacity: 13 gallons (50 liters)

13 gallons (50 liters)

Hopper size Bigger hopper allows more debris collection. Bigger hopper allows more debris collection.
Best for Best for professional applications in large areas that may also have narrow passageways. Best for professional applications in large areas that may also have narrow passageways.
Suitable for all types of large and small debris. Indoor and outdoor use. all types of large and small debris. Indoor and outdoor use.
Battery 12V Rechargeable Battery or Manual. Approx 90 mins fully charged. 12V Rechargeable Battery or Manual. Approx 90 mins fully charged.
Price: $2289.99 $2399.99
Shipping: $85.00 $150.00


Product Information ::

pdfdownload the product pdf

Warranty Information ::

All Haaga Professional push sweepers include a 4 year wear and tear warranty on the brooms, and a 2 year guarantee on all other parts.