Haaga 255 Sweeper

Haaga 255 Sweeper
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    Product Description

    The German-made Haaga 200 series is the secret of professional cleaners, movie theaters, and hotels. This is how the pros do such a quick and thorough cleanupwithout sweat and effort...they just push and clean.

    The Haaga easily picks up cans, paper, nails, broken glass, wet or dry, big or small.

    • Extremely easy to use, to push, carry, and store.
    • Lightweight, 11 pounds– kids and the elderly can easily push this sweeper
    • Motorless- No cord, batteries, or fuel/oil mixing – no motor – it is solely pushed by hand
    • Can be used on concrete, tile, rugs, and pavement etc.
    • Brush pressure easily adjusted to allow for various surfaces
    • Can be used on any large area –indoors or outdoors
    • Sweeps up dry, wet, coarse and fine materials.Even leaves, stones, cigarette butts, paper, beverage cans, cups, broken glass, large debris, sand, stone and dirt
    • Wear and tear parts can be replaced without tools
    • Patented brush deigneven cleans around the edges
    • Ideal for home and business. for driveways, walkways, storefronts, patios, garages, poolside, movie theaters.
    • Save your back. Just walk and easily push dirt and debris away. No more bending over to pick up large debris.
    • Protect your eyes and lungsfrom dust and mold. Haaga's patented 2 brush design sends the material into the hopper, not your body for dust-free sweeping.
    • Al Gore would approve - no air pollution, noise pollution or energy consumption

    Patented Brush System

    • Protruding polyamide disc brushes on both sidesrotate inwards depositing debris into the large built-in bin.
    • Works on all surfaces: the height of the broom is continually adjustable so as to ensure optimal distance from the ground.
    • Works on wet or drydebris.

    Durable, Trouble free, and Easy to Store

    • Wear-resistant, Belt-free direct drive means no need to replace costly belts, as is the case with other brands of push sweepers.
    • Empties easily: removable latched container can be taken off, emptied and refastened with a sweep of one hand.
    • Long lasting– body is made from an impact resistant polymer material
    • Space saving: stores or suspends compactly in storage in order to save space.
    • Lightweightfor easy transport
    • Made in Germany

    Haaga Info + Specs

    Technical specs for Haaga 255 models ::

    The Haaga you choose will depend upon your sweeping area. Professionals should consider the 400 or 600 Series Sweepers.

      Haaga 250  Haaga 255
      haaga 55 haaga 55
    works by circular broom direct system  circular broom direct system
    sweeping width 55cm (21.6") 55cm (21.6")
    Sweeping capacity: 1000 sq m/h

    1600 sq m/h

    Weight:  11 lbs  (5kg) 11 lbs  (5kg)
    Container capacity: 6 1/2 gallons (25 liters)

    6 1/2 gallons (25 liters)

    Hopper size 25 liters. Perfect for personal use. 25 liters. Perfect for personal use.
    Best for For all flat, hard surfaces up to 200m² For all flat, hard surfaces up to 200m²
    Suitable for Suitable for street dirt, leaves, small garbage, dry or wet. Best for household use. Suitable for leaves and big debris. To pick up fine sand, go over the area twice. Best for indoor and outdoor use.
    Price: discontinued $399.00
    Shipping: discontinued $30.00
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    More Haaga Sweeper Info

    Adjustable Brushes

    All Haaga sweeper models have adjustable brushes. Turn the knob and the brush level changes to accommodate all kinds of surfaces, from concrete and asphalt to low carpet and smooth interior flooring!

    200 Series clean per hour...

    Haaga 255, for indoor and outdoor use, cleans an area of 3 soccer fields per hour (=1.600 sm/h).

    The Clever Idea :: The Circular Broom System

    The "two in opposite directions" rotating circular brooms grab the material directly in front of the machine and whisk it into the container positioned directly behind the brooms. The machine does not simply drive over the material and push it away. All kind of materials, even wet and dry leaves, stones, flat or large materials will be whisked into the machine.

    Unlike other manual sweepers, there's no center wheel or rubber lip to get in the way of cleanup. The side brooms pull dirt from corners and crevices, getting it off the street and into the garbage, where it belongs. Even leaves, cans, cups, large debris, sand and stone are whisked away by the TopSweep powerful brushes.

    Haaga Sweepers are Used from Homes to Hotels

    Haaga sweepers are versatile and work well for home and commercial use:

    • They make quick work of driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches, terraces, and garages.
    • They are also suitable for cleaning commercial carpets and walkways, like those found in movie theaters or hotels.

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