Smart Water Cart Plus

Smart Water Cart Plus
    Price: $519.00

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    Product Description

    Smart Water Cart Plus, $410 + $109 shipping. Revolutionary water cart hauls 20 gallons of water. Water utility cart has lifetime warranty.

    ***Please note that this product is not a sprayer and is more suitable to transport water from one point to another than watering tall items. The flow of water naturally stops when the highest point of the hose is higher than the water level in the tank. This product is also better suited for outdoor use.***

    The new patent pending Smart Water Cart Plus is the easiest, most convenient and most innovative way to carry and dispense water. The water weight is perfectly balanced to transfer the load to the wheels significantly reducing the effort to carry up to 20 gallons of water. No more buckets to carry, no more long hose to handle. The Smart Water Cart Plus is also equipped with a flexible crush-resistant and virtually kink-proof hose to easily reach the desired areas. The hose is attached to the cart for ease of handling. It also comes with different quick connect flow tips to easily switch from an heavy flow pattern used to quickly fill a bucket to a gentle spray shower pattern ideal to water delicate flowers. As with all Smart Carts products, it is manufactured in the USA following strict specifications to ensure optimum quality and durability. It also comes with a life time warranty on the frame.

    Save time and energy to bring water to your horses, garden or trees. The system naturally dispenses water relying on gravity. No need for a pump or complex system than can break. This product is made to last decades.

    • Carry 20 Gallons of Water with a Smile
    • Fill a 5 Gallon Bucket of Water in 15 Seconds
    • Water the Trees and Plants Along the Way
    • Use it as an All-In-One Rain Barrel
    • Smart Carts Legendary Quality and Design
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • The Smart Water Cart Plus ships 90% assembled. You will be enjoying your Smart Water Cart within minutes.

    The Smart Water Cart Plus comes equipped with:

    • 1- 20 Gallon Poly Drum
    • 1- Kink Proof Hose
    • 1- PVC Wand
    • 1- Hose Handle
    • 1- Flow Reducer Adaptor (from 1.5" to 0.75") 
    • 1- Gentle Shower Spray Pattern Fitting

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