Sun-Mar 400 Continuous Use Composter

Sun-Mar 400 Continuous Use Composter
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    Product Description

    Acknowledged Composting Technology Leader for 30 Years

    Sun-Mar, the acknowledged leader in composting toilets now brings their expertise to the garden. Sun-Mar knows the best way to compost is by using a rotating drum. They've been using a rotating Bio-Drum@trade; in their landmark toilets for over 25 years. sunmar composterThe new Sun-Mar garden composters take this concept a step further by adding a patented double-drum to the design. Compost materials go in the top and finished compost exits automatically out the end as the drum rotates. No more digging, forking, poking, lifting, or other "work" that previously went with composting! Easy to turn, easy to compost, and even easy to assemble.

    Sun-Mar products are carefully inspected and packaged to assure they reach your organization or customer in their original manufactured condition. Where requested Sun-Mar contracts third party transportation carriers for product shipments on behalf of dealers and customers. Any product damage or loss occurring in transit is the responsibility of the transportation carrier and not Sun-Mar. Therefore it is imperative that all products be fully inspected prior to accepting delivery from the transportation carrier and prior to signing a proof of delivery/freight waybill.

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    Patented AutoFlow© Biodrum: the Breakthrough Idea

    • Easy to feed : Material goes in through easy-access top ports.
    • Back-saving ball bearings mean easy turning.
    • Patented, double drum, Autoflow® design. See diagrams of the inside
    • Compost exits automatically as the drum rotates :
      Fresh compost comes out the bottom port, automatically, when done. Tool free, shovel free, fork free!
    • Easy to load and rotate.
    • Pest Proof
    • Assembly in minutes (really!): Just snap the cradle on to the drum bearings and you’re ready to go

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    Tips for Using your Sun-Mar Composter

    • Not many tips actually since it's as easy as 1,2,3. (fill, rotate, remove)
    • Rotate the drum regularly
    • Add moisture to the drum if the contents get dry
    • Keep the composter warm (the sun usually does the job)
    • For the richest result, mix kitchen waste, yard waste, and brown waste (sawdust, dry leaves, straw)

    Sun-Mar Rotating Garden Composter Models : 3 sizes to choose from

    Sun-Mar 200 Sun-Mar 400
    sunmar composter sunmar composter
    hobby gardener with kitchen scraps and general yard waste serious gardener with kitchen waste and garden trimmings
    Compact size is perfect for any yard Mid-sized
    16" high output port 18" high output port
    50 gallon (6 bushel) size 100 gallon (11 bushel)
    31" high x 33 11/42" long. 36" high x 42" long.
    Depth: 24" Depth: 28"
    38lbs 60lbs
    1 feed port 1 feed port
    1 output port 1 output port
    optional rollers optional rollers
    sunmar composter
    How the inside works
    sunmar composter
    How the inside
    easy & quick assembly (snap together) easy & quick assembly (snap together)
    Estimated Assembly Time:
    5 - 10 minutes
    Estimated Assembly Time:
    10 - 15 minutes
    Shipped in one box Shipped in two boxes
    SunMar's Warranty:
    Fiberglass body: 25 years
    Other Parts: 3 years
    SunMar's Warranty:
    Fiberglass body: 25 years
    Other Parts: 3 years
    Price: $350.00
    Shipping: $100.00
    Price: $449.00
    Shipping: $175.00 to most locations

    Sun-Mar 400 shipping note:

    Most of our customers are covered by our shipping charge.

    However, additional shipping fees for the Sun-Mar 400 may be necessary if a customer lives in a remote area because the trucking company will have to interline the shipment with another trucking company in that area.

    Additional shipping fees for the Sun-Mar 400 will also be charged if there are a lot of tolls charged for entering a city i.e. New York City

    Additional shipping fees for the Sun-Mar 400 will be charged for some customers on the west coast.

    We will email you when we are ready to ship to inform you of additional charges. Most of our customers are not affected.