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Brill Luxus 38


$209.00 +
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Brill Luxus 38 +


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Brill Luxus :: Europe's #1 Reel Mower


Technical Specs


brill luxus push reel mower wheel assembly

high-tech, • lightweight materials • welded blades • and a non-contact cutting system...
deliver greater torque to the reel, less resistance when you push, and blades which stay sharp for the life of the reel mower.
brill luxus push lawn pushmower adjustment details
Precision Adjustment scale to the millimeter.



The Brill Difference
The Brill Luxus 38 is not like other reel mowers which can be difficult to push, heavy, and require frequent blade sharpening. Instead it features lightweight, high-tech materials, welded blades, and a non-contact cutting system. These combine to deliver greater torque to the reel, less resistance when you push, and blades which stay sharp 8 times longer. Want to know specific differences between push mower models and manufacturers...check out our Push Mower Comparison Chart.

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Revolutionary Blade System
The Luxus push mowers and the Accu Mower ASM380 cordless electric reel mower boast about their silent (non-contact) cutting method. This means Brill blades stay sharp and you will save money and time on sharpening services. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by not having to sharpen the blades, the Brill 38 costs even less than an inexpensive mower.

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Environmentally Friendly
Mowing your lawn with the Luxus 38 or the Accu ASM380 is better for the air, better for the grass, and better for you. Mow your lawn when you will enjoy it...9 am or 9 pm...the Brill push mower's non-contact cutting system is silent so your neighbors can enjoy their activites in peace.

Your children can play safely along side a reel mower: there are no flying objects or toxic fumes. Imagine, you could actually talk to them while you mow! Mowing the lawn just became an enjoyable, family activity. Don't believe that can happen: see our story.

brill luxus reel push mowers are light Easy To Assemble, Maintain, Store
For the Brill Luxus 38, assembly is an easy 5 minute, "no-tool" job. It's so light (16 pounds), it can easily be lifted and hung in a closet or on a wall. For best results, we recommend spritzing the blades with WD-40 before mowing. After mowing you'll want to brush or wipe off the clippings. That's it!

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> 5-10 Minute assembly
> 16.1 pounds
light enough to hang on the garage wall or pick up with one hand. and of course, easy to push!
> Flame hardened, welded steel blades
American lawnmowers have softer tempered alloy, riveted blades
> Silent Cut Design
The Brill reel mower blade misses the bedknife by less than a millimeter. This reduces friction and allows the mower to cut the grass like scissors.
> Blades Stay Sharp!
The superior Brill reel blade and cutting system mean that you never need to sharpen the blades versus one to two years for other brands.
> Cutting Width: 15.2"/38cm
> Cutting Height: Adjustable Range - .5" - 1.8"
> Protective metal cover for overhanging plants and shrubs: 7"
> Sealed Ball-bearing mounted reel
> Replaceable blade system
You can put a brand new reel in the Brill push mower for a price that is about the same as getting it professionally sharpened.
> Dry Powder Coat on metal components
Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes. Colors stay bright and vibrant longer. Powder coating is also highly protective of the environment, because it contains no solvents.
> Enameled metal components
> Gap setting gauge included for annual reel blade adjustment.
> Warranty : PPM offers the 1 year.
> Replacement parts :
no problem, PPM carries everything you could ever need.