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Affiliate Program at PPM

David + Matt Temple

Accepting Socially Minded Affiliates
In 2005, PPM decided to affiliate with companies that have like-minded missions as a way to support them. So far we have accepted only one affiliate and that is Erik at Zerolawn. For years we have watched Erik building his site with interesting content about air quality. His story is below in his own words.

If you are a non-profit, coop, or ecologically-minded web site, please contact us as we may be able to offer our affiliate program to you.

All the best...
David Temple




About ZeroLawn ::

Recently, the Dallas-Fort Worth air quality level recently went "purple." I didn't even know we had a purple level!

The Zerolawn story is simple. I am your average American homeowner and parent tired of hearing about how bad the air quality is, particularly in my area, Dallas-Fort Worth. I found it odd that we were not up in arms when the news weatherperson periodically notes that the air is so bad the elderly and children shouldn't be outside. Recently, the Dallas-Fort Worth air quality level recently went "purple." I didn't even know we had a purple level!

It is up to individuals to make a change, large or small, and this site is one way I feel I can help to inform the public of more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of accomplishing everyday tasks like keeping a nice yard.

My sources of inspiration in this endeavor are my parents. My mother, an avid gardener, and father, who grew up on a ranch in the west, both have instilled in me the value that we are caretakers of the land around us and, like the old western maxim about gates, “you should leave it as you found it.”