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Wheelbarrows & Carts :: Essential Yard, Garden or Farming Tools


Whether saving you time or the back-breaking labor, wheelbarrows and carts are a must have for any outdoor activity. With the addition of Foldit Collapsible Carts and All-Terrain Bucket Systems we now carry a line of 5 top quality wheelbarrows and carts, including Smart Cart Wheelbarrows, Bagz-it Folding Carts and the Snowmaster SnowScoop.

  • High-quality, heavy-duty materials
  • Innovative, Collapsible designs for easy storage
  • A variety of options - customize to your needs!



Wheelbarrows + Carts

SmartCart 7 wheelbarrow   SmartCart 12 wheelbarrow   Bagz-it folding leaf carts   Bagz-it folding leaf carts

Smart Cart 7


Smart Cart 12


Bagz-it Folding Carts
Residential Size


Bagz-it Folding Carts
Commercial Size

+ $56 shipping


+ $125 shipping


+ $15 shipping


+ $15 shipping

Take the gardening and yard workload off your back and put it in the Smart Cart 7 heavy-duty garden utility cart


The Smart Cart 12 is the best, professional-grade wheelbarrow we've ever seen. It is made so well the pans have a five year warranty.


The Bagz-It Residential is designed to make your lawn and garden work as easy as it can get, without having someone else do the work.


The Bagz-it Commercial bag is made for the larger jobs at home or for the commercial landscaper.

Capacity :: 7 cubic feet


Capacity :: 12 cubic feet


Capacity :: 9 cubic feet


Capacity :: 17 cubic feet

Wheels :: Interchangable, 20" spoked or 16" turf tires


Wheels :: Interchangable, 20" spoked or 16" turf tires


Wheels :: 2 heavy-duty poly wheels


Wheels :: 2 heavy-duty poly wheels with .5" shaft

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Bagz-it folding leaf carts   Foldit Collapsible Carts, Standard Size   Foldit Collapsible Carts, Industrial Size   All-terrain Bucket System

Bagz-it Folding Carts
Mini Bagz-it Size


Foldit Collapsible Carts
Standard Size


Foldit Collapsible Carts
Industrial Size


All-Terrain Bucket System

+ $15 shipping


+ $28 shipping


+ $28 shipping


+ $40 shipping

The Mini Bagz-It holds 30 gallons of material and has a tool pouch on the side. It stands up so you can put material in from the top.


The Foldit Residential Cart is the hardest working all-purpose carrier you will ever own. Why strain yourself when you can Foldit?


The Industrial Foldit Cart comes standard with 2 removable gates, so filling and dumping loads can be done without difficulty.


The All-terrain Bucket System is a multi-purpose cart can be used to carry a hay bale or grain bags or transport gardening supplies all around your yard.

Capacity :: 30 gallons


Capacity :: 5.75 cubic feet (up to 330lbs)


Capacity :: 9.5 cubic feet (up to 330lbs)


Capacity :: 10 gallons (two 5 gallon buckets)

Wheels :: 2 poly wheels


Wheels :: 20" wheels with pneumatic tires


Wheels :: 20" wheels with pneumatic tires


Wheels :: 16" pneumatic wheels

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Carts Vermont wooden garden carts Model 20   Carts Vermont wooden garden carts Model 26   The Garden Folding Wheelbarrow  

Carts Vermont
Model 20


Carts Vermont
Model 26


The Garden Folding Wheelbarrow


New! Folding Utility Wagon

+ $40 shipping


+ $70 shipping


+ $15 shipping


+ $25 shipping

The Model 20 Garden Cart is a versatile midsize garden cart, just right for general yard and garden chores.


The Model 26 Garden Cart can move huge loads of leaves, tree prunings, and yard debris smoothly and efficiently.


The Garden Folding Wheelbarrow is great for transporting small loads. When done it folds up for easy storage.


The Folding Utility Wagon gardening, camping, boating, picnics, outdoor parties and sporting events

Capacity :: 6.5 cubic feet


Capacity :: 13.6 cubic feet


Capacity :: 8-12 cubic feet


Capacity :: 120 lbs

Wheels :: Semi-pneumatic 20" heavy duty wheels


Wheels :: 7 alloy steel blades


Wheels :: Pneumatic


Wheels :: Rubberized all terrain

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Vertex Deluxe Garden Cart   Mid West Log Caddy R08   Hook and Go folding grocery cart   EnviroChute Leaf Bagger

Vertex Deluxe
Garden Cart


Log Caddy


Hook and Go
Folding Market Cart


EnviroChute Leaf Bagger



+ $30 shipping


+ $14.75 shipping


+ free shipping

The Vertex Deluxe Garden Cart stores, organizes, and mobilizes up to 18 tools.


The Log Caddy R08 was designed for easily transporting firewood from woodpile to your house. Another quality product from Mid West Carts.


A cult item at the Beverly Hills and San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer's Market, the Hook and Go keeps your purchases organized and intact.


Designed to fit into a square paper leaf bag, the EnviroChute holds the bag open, and also features a large funnel at the top end.

Capacity :: Stores up to 18 tools in only 2 sq. ft. (up to 150lbs)


Capacity :: Handles firewood from 12"-30" (up to 250lbs)


Capacity :: Sort bags and hang onto any of 8 hooks (up to 70lbs)


Capacity :: Use with 30 gallon yard waste bags

Wheels :: 10" wheels


Wheels ::10" heavy duty pneumatic tires


Wheels :: Smooth-rolling rubber wheels


Wheels :: N/A

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