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home wheelbarrows Bagz-it folding wheelbarrow

Bagz-it Folding Cart :: Testimonials

Easy to fold and store :


"...I would get them each a BAGZ-IT because every home should have one."
-Marty R......

"I will never use a tarp again!!! I hauled that thing (the LG-BAGZ-IT) over a variety of terrains (there are no manicured lawns on this property) and I had no problems. Next I filled it with a half bale of soil mix (maybe 25-30 lb), a 25 lb bag of pH+ and a 5 gal. bucket full of tools. I turned it into a potting bench by lowering the tailgate on our pick-up truck and putting it in the back. I was able to mix potting soil and pH+ to fill window boxes without making a mess. I love this thing!"
-Marion Doyle

"It (the LG-BAGZ-IT) has turned out to be one of those things that you think, "I wonder how I got along without it?" It's just a great idea and product and we have talked it up amongst our friends… thanks for a great product."
-Steve Riethmiller
Professor of Chemistry-VMI

"To save trips to the leaf bin, we first mow the leaves, so there's no need to try to pack them in to the bag. The slippery fabric, balance and maneuverability is great, and it's easy to dump. Best part is that you only have to bend to pick up the handle. Nice product!"
-Peter Staecker
Home Owner

"…it sat in my closet not taking up a quarter of the space that my vacuum was taking up in the same closet. But two weekends ago that all changed, the LG-BAGZ-IT has come out of the closet and has assisted me in transforming our large lawns covered with pounds and pounds of maple leaves back into a yard again. As I raked and raked these leaves into your device (I'm not sure what to call it--a bag, a wheelbarrow--it's in a class all its own!)… I easily swept copious amounts of leaves into the LG-BAGZ-IT then I wheeled the mass of leaves to my compost/yard waste pile and dumped it out. I must have made two dozen trips to complete my yard, but it was done with ease and efficiency."

"…But that's not all, my neighbor came by while I was away and he had intended to borrow my plywood Vermont Cart (once my favorite garden tool) but my wife told him about our LG-BAGZ-IT hanging in the shed, so he borrowed it. Later that evening I noticed his truck in my side yard. I went out to see what was happening and he told me that I had just lent him my favorite garden tool and he was returning it. Then he wanted to know where he could purchase one."

"Thanks for improving my life."
-Marty Riehs
Resource Management, Inc.