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Brill Razorcut Accu
Electric Push Reel Mower


Brill Razorcut Accu Cylinder Mower :: Absolute Freedom in the Garden
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Common Accu FAQs

Q: What grass does the Brill Accu work on?
A: Works well on all grass types, including St. Augustine. Not recommended for Bermuda and Zoysia grasses. The deciding factor is usually your lawn size. 2,500 sq feet or less is what we recommend. Here is help figuring out your lawn size.
Q: What is the difference between an electric rotary mower and an electric push reel mower?
A: Here are a few ::



  • The Accu electric lawn mower is also a push mower so you can easily mow when you run low on battery. Or even without the battery at all. We do recommend the battery for those tougher turf types such as St. Augustine.
  • The Accu electric lawnmower is by far the quietest and lightest of all cordless electric mowers. It even weighs less than most push mowers. Many people equate noise and weight with a "good mower"...the Brill Accu proves this wrong!
Q: Why is the Accu the only mower with long lasting sharp blades?

The Accu reel blades are unique. The reel blades miss the bedknife by .05mm, which is why the blades cut better and rarely need sharpening. On most other models the reel blades make contact with the bedknife which explains why other push reel mowers need frequent sharpening. And of course all rotary blades need to sharpened regularly.

In short, lifetime precision cutting with no hassle, sharpening cost, or repair shop time!

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The Power is in the Pack

The newest motorized Brill push reel mower, the Razorcut Accu cordless electric lawn mower. It features a cordless rechargeable electric motor powered by a 24-volt NiCad battery, which gives approximately 500 charging cycles. Weighing just 29 pounds, which is lighter than most unpowered reel mowers. It is ideal for lawns 2,500 square feet or less.

  • absolute freedom of movement, even in awkward spaces

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rotary defined

Why Blades Stay Sharp for 8 Years.
The Razorcut push reel mower is equipped with heat-treated cylinder blades. This means Brill blades stay sharp and you will save money and time on sharpening services. In fact, when you calculate how much money is saved by less sharpening of the blades, the Razorcut Accu costs even less than an inexpensive mower.

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Environmentally Friendly : Easy Carbon Neutral
Mowing your lawn with these mowers is better for the air, better for the grass, and better for you. Mow your lawn when you will enjoy it...9 am or 9 silent your neighbors can enjoy their activities in peace.

Your children can play safely along side a reel mower: there are no flying objects or toxic fumes. Imagine, you could actually talk to them while you mow! Mowing the lawn just became an enjoyable, family activity. Don't believe that can happen: see our story.


Brill Info

Accu Cordless Electric Lawnmower features:

  • 24V cordless electric motor

  • multipurpose 24-volt NiCad PowerAccu battery

  • mows up to 2,500 sq. ft. on a full charge (30 minutes), battery gives approximately 500 charging cycles.

  • weighs 29 pounds (no need for self-propulsion with the light weight of this cordless electric lawn mower)

  • flame hardened non-contact blade system outlasts any other reel push mower and rarely needs sharpening

  • sealed, maintenance free ball bearings

  • cordless electric mower operates as standard manual push mower as well

  • Reel cutting Width: 15.2"/38cm

  • Reel cutting Height: Adjustable Range - .8" - 1.8"

  • safety switch controlled on/off lever

  • rigid full width handle for sure control

  • features all the revolutionary blade and material innovations of the Brill Luxus 38 push reel mower

  • optional grass catcher available

  • Grass Catcher folds flat for storage

  • Not self-propelled

  • Starts with a press of button and squeeze of handle switch

  • Safety trigger stops motor when released

Assembly and Maintenance

The only differences in assembly and maintenance between the Brill Luxus 38 reel mower and the Accu electric lawnmowers are:

  • the Accu takes about 20 minutes (verses 5) to read the manual and assemble

  • you need a phillips head screwdriver

  • the battery must be charged for 24 hours before the first use. It takes 3-5 cycles of charging and mowing to fully charge the battery.

  • if you live in a climate which has cold weather- we recommend you store your battery fully charged inside your home to avoid exposure to extreme cold

  • and you still need to remember to keep that little metal strip!

  • spray blades with a silicone spray before each use

  • wipe blades clean of grass clippings and debris after each use

To best enjoy your Accu cordless electric lawn mower, we strongly recommend reading the manual before assembly.

Warranty + Shipping

  • Brill Accu Electric Reel Mowers come with a 1 year warranty.


  • Shipping is free for the Brill Luxus Reel Mowers.

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