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home composters Tumbleweed composting accessory kit

Composting Accessory Kit

No Longer Available

The Tumbleweed Composting Accessory Kit

Our Composter Line ::

We reviewed over 20 composters before choosing our composter line. What sets these composters apart is their ease of use and faster composting times. However we go one step further in choosing durable and easy to assemble systems that will be hard working garden tools for years (arduous assembly knocked out quite a few).




A Complete Kit for Experts and Beginners

Whether you are just getting started and don't want to miss crucial supplies, or you just want to restock everything at once, this is the perfect kit. It's also a great gift for fellow composters.

What Does It Include?

  • 1 Compost Thermometer
  • 1 Counter top pail
  • 1 box of 25 bio bags (liners)
  • 1 Compost starter
  • 1 Easy read composting book


Tumbleweed Composting Accessory Kit Info

Compost Thermometer:

The compost thermometer is 20 inches long and is made of stainless steel with a plastic no fog lens. The dial tells you if your compost is doing poorly, to hot or just right.

Counter Top Pail

The counter top pail goes in the kitchen or wherever you need it to easily add your scraps to take to your Tumbleweed composter. A carbon filter is included along with a handle. The pail is 9.6 quarts and measures 8.5” x 9” x 11” high and made of High Density Polyethylene.

Bio Bags

1 box of 25 bio bags which break down in your compost pile is also included. The bags are 3 gallon in size and take 2 to 6 weeks to break down.

Compost Starter

1 container of compost starter is included which will cover 90 lbs of material. Just mix 1 ounce with a gallon of water and pour it over your compost. The water is just used to spread the activator equally over the material. It contains specific bacterial and fungal cultures to help speed up the process of composting.

Easy to Read Book

Finally an easy to read book on how to compost is included. Your customers will enjoy this quick read of 32 pages. It has charts and diagrams to help both beginners and “do it yourselfers” enjoy making the most of their new Tumbleweed compost tumbler.


Composting FAQ's ::

The Tumbleweed Compost Maker is the best batch type compost maker we have found. Here are some common FAQ's about composting:

Q. What is the difference between mulch and compost?
A. Only the degree of decomposition. Mulch contains partially broken down ingredients and the breakdown of materials is not yet completed. Compost is the final stage of decomposition and is homogenous and looks like a rich brown soil.

Q. Why mulch instead of compost?
A. Most gardeners want mulch not compost (soil) Mulch is simply added on top of the garden bed in a thick layer 10 - 30 cms. deep. This helps to retain the moisture in the soil and protect the surface roots of the plants. It discourages weed growth and is a source of food to attract worms.

Q. Why is my compost lumpy?
A. This usually happens when the bin has not been turned often enough. Tumble the bin every two or three days. As the contents fall from top to bottom they hit the breaker bar across the middle which helps to break up lumps. Remedy the problem by adding shredded newspaper or empty the bin and dig into the garden and start again.

Q. Why is my compost wet and heavy?
A. Vegetable scraps have a high proportion of water. If you have used more than about 25% in proportion to grass cuttings, this may be the problem. Fix it by adding shredded newspaper. Alternatively empty the bin and dig it into your garden and start again.

Q. Why does my compost smell?
A. A foul smell indicates that anaerobic decomposition (without oxygen)is taking place. It can be caused by not tumbling sufficiently and aerating the ingredients. Or it may be due to too much moisture (see previous question) or it may be a combination of both. In some cases it may be due to not putting the compost bin in a sunny position. Heat is an important part of the decomposition process. The only remedy is to empty the contents and start again.

Q. Why is my compost hot?
A. This is not a problem. Heat is required for decomposition and it indicates that your compost is "cooking" beautifully!


  • Tumbleweed Composters come with a 1 year warranty.

Shipping Info ::

  • Shipping is free within the Continental United States. Please email us for rates outside the continental United States and Canada.

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