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Brill Razorcut 38 Push Reel mower

Remington PowerMower
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60 volt battery for Remington electric mower
remington lawn mower side discharge chute
remington mower grass bag
replacement blade for remington mower
mower key for remington powermower
Remington Cordless PowerMower Accessories :: Make the Most of Your Mower

Tips for a "Greener" Backyard

Go Electric. Gas-powered engines found in lawn and garden equipment, such as
mowers, are less efficient, and contribute more air pollution per hour of operation than
engines in vehicles.

Conserve Water. Water is a precious resource and one that must be protected,
especially during the warm months when it’s most used. To conserve water, be sure to
water your plants in the early morning or evening to avoid evaporation.

Choose Less-Toxic Products. Harmful chemicals and pesticides can wash off into
local water sources and potentially harm humans and wildlife. Many pests can actually
be deterred with physical controls such as barriers, traps or simply removing infested
plant parts.

Be a “Grasscycler.” Try “grasscycling” instead of bagging your lawn clippings.
Allowing grass clippings to decompose on the lawn by mulch-mowing adds vital nutrients
to the lawn.

Recycle Your Old Equipment. Instead of selling or throwing away your old gas-
powered or electric lawn and garden equipment, take them to a recycling center where
they can be properly recycled and converted into raw material to be used in cleaner
equipment and other products.


Remington SB60A 60 Volt Battery

  • The 1st and only 60 Volt battery - provides 60 minutes of pure clean cordless runtime
  • Fully removable, plug & play design, easy to carry and use
  • Recharges fully by plugging into outlet for 10 hours
  • Battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging
  • Additional Battery Recommended if cordless mowing requirements exceed 1 hour

Remington MSD17A Side Discharge Chute

  • Easy to attach, no tools required
  • Safely discharges grass clipping to the side of the mower
  • Perfect for mowing applications where bagging or mulching is not desired

Remington MRB17A Lawn Mower Grass Bag

  • 13 Gallon capacity
  • Fits Remington MPS6017A PowerMower
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy to attach and remove

Remington RB17A 17" Lawn Mower Mulching Blade

  • Designed and tuned specifically for use with the Remington PowerMower
  • Blade replacement is recommended if original blade becomes dull or out of balance

Remington RMK60A PowerMower Key

  • Replacement Key for Remington MPS6017A PowerMower
  • Required to start mower


Remington Power Mower Info


  • a commanding 60 Volt battery for 60 minutes of consistent run time
  • Remington’s exclusive PowerSelect Technology gives you the ability to run cordless or plug in for extra run time or more power
  • Plug in and select Boost mode to achieve all the power you would get out of a gas mower
  • Gas mowers can be difficult to use and a pain to start, with the Remington PowerMower, it starts the first time, every time
  • Simply insert the key, pull the bale and you’re ready to mow
  • Gas mowers can require constant maintenance and requires costly expenses like gas, oil, spark plugs or tune-ups
  • With the PowerMower, you’ll save money over time. At only 10 cents to re-charge, you can mow your lawn for entire season for less than a gallon of gas!
  • In addition to being easy to maintain and start, the PowerMower is lightweight, making it easier to maneuver around the yard.
  • In cordless mode the PowerMower weighs only 60 lbs.
  • The PowerMower features an easy single touch height adjustment that changes the height of all four wheels
  • With just the turn of a dial, switch from cordless to corded mode instantly

Specs ::

  • 17" cut
  • Removable 60 volt battery
  • Corded electric mower
  • Power select technology

Key Specs:

  • Power System: Electric
  • Amperage: 14 Amps
  • Voltage: 60V
  • Cut Width: 17 inches
  • Model: MPS6017A
  • Wheels: 6


Owner's Manual

download remington powermower owners manual PDF Remington MPS6017A PowerMower Manual

download remington powermower owners manual PDF Go Green Tips from Remington

Demo Video

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You’ve got the latest technology at your office and in your home, why not in your yard as well? Our patented PowerSelect Technology, available exclusively on the Remington Cordless PowerMower, gives you the power to choose your power. How? By giving you the versatility you need to handle regular lawn maintenance or those tougher jobs like high grass, leaves and yard debris with the turn of a dial. You choose the power you need when you need it. That’s the power of choice, and it’s only found on the new Remington Cordless PowerMower.


For regular lawn maintenance, your PowerMower goes cordless for up to 60 minutes of run time. Need a little extra run time? Just plug it in and keep mowing! With the option of running in corded mode, only the new PowerSelect insures that you’ll never run out of power before you run out of lawn. It’s our exclusive hybrid “two-mowers-in-one” technology that guarantees you’ll always finish the job... any job.

Need even more power? Simple – just dial PowerSelect into the Corded Boost mode and you won’t believe how effortlessly the PowerMower cuts through high grass, leaves and yard debris. In ‘Boost,’ the blade tip speed actually reaches the maximum allowed by ANSI.

That’s as fast as any walk-behind gas mower, guaranteed. It’s blade tip speed translates to power, your power. Imagine, a mower that gives you the power and freedom to choose when and how you want to mow your lawn... The Remington PowerMower.


  • Remington Power Mowers come with a 2 year warranty.

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Our 13th year. Over 38,000 Reel Mowers Sold
Now in our 13th year, we are proud to have sold and supported over 38,000 mowers. People Powered Machines is more than an eco e-tailer, we are a long standing company with real people that support our products. We are totally committed to reducing gas mowing, noise emmissions, and returning pleasure to backyards everywhere! Let us know if we can help you with your decision in any way.