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Sunlawn EM-2 Cordless Electric
Push Reel Mower -SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!

$349 + free shipping - SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!

New EM-2 Electric Reel Mowers from the warehouse.
Two(2) Year Warranty
Lowest Price Guarantee

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The EM-2: A Powerful, Versatile, Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
brill luxus 38 push reel mower

Transitioning to a Reel Mower:

The key components for customer satisfaction with these excellent machines are:

  • A small lawn of 12,000 sq' and understanding the following:
  • "Often when people are switching from a gas rotary mower to a reel mower they are unfamiliar with the  differences between the types of mowing. 
  • If the mower jams then you are cutting too much grass or pushing the mower too fast; if there is grass left standing after you pass over it then you needed to overlap your passes. 
  • A full double pass is not uncommon when transitioning a lawn (we commonly overlap) and most reel mower users overlap 1/3 to 1/2.

Maintaining the lawn with a reel mower will improve the health of the lawn and can give it a luxury lawn appearance.  You will likely mow slightly more often and in a slightly different manner."



Testimonials ::

"Just used my new Sunlawn mower. I love it! and it was kind of fun watching my neighbors rubber necking as I was using my "unusual" machine. I am already the proud owner of an "old- fashioned"reel mower but with a new Zoysia lawn and just enough of a hill I decided to give the Sunlawn a try. I love the fact that there are no cords to worry about, it's quick and easy to charge, and the grass catcher is truly easy to use (unlike rotary mowers that are bulky, heavy and aggravating). What's so great is that I can go at my own pace and it still clips so evenly. Even though the temperature is 92 at 11:00 AM I actually enjoyed mowing my lawn. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight and I can't wait to show off my "new toy". Thank you for such a great product and fast service." S. Heard

"I purchased the EM-2 lawnmower from your company about 2 months ago. I live on a 1/2 acre lot in Spanaway, Washington and this lawnmower not only has met my expectations but exceeded them in every way. It's easy to use and clean-up and does my entire yard on one charge with no problem, takes up minimal space in my garage and I love the fact that it is quiet and non polluting for the enviornment. I just wanted you to know you have a great product and to keep up the good work. I plan on purchasing the lawn sweeper and trimmer from your company as well in the future (got to save up first)." Thanks again, Russell D. Van Winkle, Spanaway Washington, Environmental conscious consumer

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The Sunlawn Cordless Electric Reel Lawnmower is the new-generation electric reel mower. It is the only reel mower for all grass types, offering a wider range of height settings, and a longer-life battery system. Needing no gas, no oil, no spark plugs, no spring tune-ups, no's time enjoy cord-free, care-free mowing with an electric reel mower.

Easy to use on All Grass Types::

  • Starts instantly with a squeeze of the handle and a push of a button
  • Revolutionary blades need sharpening only every 7-10 years.
  • 7 Blades for better cutting
  • Suitable for all grasses: Bermuda, St. Augustine, Fescue, Bluegrass, etc.. Unlike less powerful electric reel mowers, the EM-2 can handle them all. Additionally, the EM-2 blades adjust from .4" to 2.25" We recommend Sunlawn's EM-2 for lawns up to 12,000 square feet.

Includes 2 Longer life batteries, 75 minutes of power ::

  • Mows 1 hour and 15 minutes (12,000 square feet) on a single charge.
  • Commonly found 24V battery system : utilizes two commonly available 12V 7Ah SLA batteries. These batteries, which can be purchased at Radio Shack, give approximately 300 charges and will power the mower for 75 minutes.
  • 6 hours to full recharge
    (most electric mower batteries take 12-24 hours)

Lighter weight so it's easier to push ::

  • Weight 35.2 pounds (16Kg) with batteries; the EM-2 is much lighter than a gas-powered mowers, and less than any other electric mower except for the Brill Accu.

Quietest mower, be a good neighbor ::

  • The quietest electric mower out there with the exception of the Brill Accu
  • Produces 1/10th the noise of a gas mower.
  • No disturbing your neighbors.


Sunlawn Push Reel Mower Info

  • Weight 35.2 pounds (16Kg)
  • Cutting width 16 inches ( 40 cm )
  • Cutting height 10 - 55 mm ( .4 - 2.25 inches ), easily adjustable
  • Contact-free blade design for exceptional ease of pushing
  • Precision ground, flame hardened, bearing mounted blades
  • Expected reel mower blade life without sharpening 7 - 10 years
  • utilizes two commonly available 12V 7Ah SLA batteries. (which can be purchased at Radio Shack, give approximately 300 charges and will power the mower for 75 minutes each)
  • 6 hours to full recharge
    Start + Saftey Features
  • Safety switch controlled on/off lever
  • Starts with a press of a button and a squeeze of the handle switch
  • Safety trigger stops motor when released
    Additional Mower Features
  • Rigid full-width handle with foam grip
  • Nine inch wheel diameter
  • Segmented rear roller
  • Grass Catcher folds flat for storage
  • Adjustment gauge included
  • Two year warranty



Q. What types of grass does the Sunlawn EM-2 cut?

A. The EM-2 cuts all grass types well.

Q. What size lawns can the EM-2 reasonably cut?

A. The EM-2 is recommended for lawns up to 12,000 square feet.

Q. Is the EM-2 noisy?

A. The EM-2 is the quietest power mower on the market today. In our tests we were amazed at how quiet the mower is.

Q. After you discharge the battery, how long does it take to recharge the batteries?

A. About 6 hours.

Q. Do you take the batteries out to recharge?

A. No, you plug the charger into the mower.

Q. How do I replace the batteries after 300 charges?

A. A terrific feature of the EM-2 is that the batteries used in the mower are sold by Radio Shack type stores.

Q. Do you need to adjust the blades?

A. After a season or two you may notice that the mower is not cutting as well as when it was new. Each EM-2 comes with an adjustment gauge used for resetting the blades. Just follow the directions in the manual on how to adjust the blades.

Q. What makes the blades special?

A. The blades are flame-hardened and precision ground. Contact-free blade design and bearing mounted blades means long lasting cutting action for many years.


  • Sunlawn EM-2 Reel Mowers come with a 2 year warranty.


  • Shipping is free for the Sunlawn Electric EM2 Reel Mowers.

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