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Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer - In addition to spraying lawns, plants, and shrubs, the Greenkeeper is Great for Protecting Against Ice and Snow Build Up

No Longer Available

The Green Machines Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer :: Made for the Professional

The Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer creates no harmful emissions or noise. This is a clean and efficient method to safely treat your turf in an environmentally responsible way.

Use Organic Treatments

Avoid using harsh chemical treatments that harm our environment. We recommend organic Maxicrop Treatments.

Maxicrop Treatments use organic seaweed extracts with additional organic fertalizers (nitrogen, phosphate, potash & iron) to green and condition your lawn.


Perfect Solution for Today’s Superintendents and Turf Managers and Perfect for Prevention of Ice and Snow build up.

The professional solution for spraying liquid treatments.
For golf greens, tee boxes, tennis courts and other areas requiring professional turf care the Greenkeeper Sprayer is the best solution for spraying organic liquid treatments.All of our walkover turf sprayers are hand built in the UK.

  • 3 nozzle sprayer with a 36" spray width
  • 25 liter tank capacity - sprays up to 600 sq. yards
  • Wheel swath markers provide visual indication of
  • area sprayed
  • Up to 5,400 sq. feet per tank
  • Developed by a professional groundsman
  • Sprays from 4" height to minimise any spray drift
  • Steel construction is powder coated for added product life.


The sprayer sprays when you walk forward.
When you stop - the spraying stops! You can quickly feed and weed with a Walkover Sprayer. With the Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer there is no battery to charge.

For all fine turf and professional grass areas:

Golf greens + tee boxes
Sports fields + tracks

Athletic venues
Croquet + cricket fields

Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer Info

  • 36" (91cm) spray width.
  • 25 litre tank capacity with stainless steel basket filter.
  • Pump delivers 1.8 litres per minute at 1 Bar pressure.
  • Four large pneumatic wheels
  • Swathe marker system indicates actual area sprayed.
  • 25cm nozzle height.
  • Sophisticated inline filtration system to prolong pump life.
  • Durable steel frame construction. Built to last.
  • Recirculation facility agitates tank mixture before spraying.




  • Shipping is $120 for the Greenkeeper Walkover Sprayer.

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